A Few of our Favorite People and Places

We encourage you to visit these online friends and neighbors. If you have a site to add to this list, drop us a line at . If you'll link to us, we'll link to you.

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Steve Brooks
-- A songwriter who believes we can change the world when we look at it from a different angle ... or from several angles at once

Extraordinary Stories: Phil Lancaster & Alison Moore
-- History comes alive through live music, literary readings and film

Rex Foster
-- songs from real life; jewelry from nature

Ken Gaines
-- singer, songwriter, guitarist & producer

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
-- the best in contemporary and traditional folk music

Jim Hancock & Friends
-- merry minstrels and medieval troubadours

Liz Henry Richardson
-- blues, jazz, folk, and gospel

Ky Hote and Owl
-- original tunes, lyrics, instrumentals, and sometimes a bit of street theater

-- crossing the lines between country, folk, and blues

Kim Miller
-- original music that's ethereal, but not lost in the clouds

T-Roy and Candace Kunz Miller
-- picking parties, albums and more

My Texas Music
-- recordings from more than 300 artists who live or perform in Texas

Texas Music International
-- official website of Bob Livingston and the Lost Gonzo Band

Listening Rooms

Here are some places to hear your favorite songwriters (or discover new favorites) when the Kerrville Festival isn't in session. Check the websites for schedules and bookings.

Anderson Fair, Houston

Poor David's Pub, Dallas


King's Place
-- a photo gallery of Texas songsters, big sky and desert landscapes

eRic Luplow
-- surreal looks at life and nature, in vibrant watercolor

Jim Lutz, Bolaman
-- metal art creations from the heart of Texas

Bill Mueller Photography
-- natural and unnatural landscapes

-- fast action, colorful people and breathtaking scenery from Kerrville staff photographer Darron Spohn


Chinati Hot Springs
-- a Chihuahuan desert oasis of rest and renewal

Texas State Park Guide
-- swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping, history, mountains, forests, deserts ... you name it, we have it!

Texpert Tours
-- Howie Richey mapped the Kerrville Folk Festival campground. Join him as he explores other nooks and crannies of Texas

John Steel Rail Tours
-- explore Canada by train

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